GameVillage Bingo – A perfect site for bingo lovers

By | Jul 8, 2015

Everyone loves to have a gala time and enjoy hanging out with friends and family, but if you’re thinking of going out even to the cheapest of the available restaurants for a lunch or a dinner with the family, it costs a bit heavy on the pockets. These days things are getting more and more expensive. Hence we decided to find a better way to enjoy your spare time where you don’t have to spend much or step out of the house. What else could be better than playing bingo at home on a popular bingo site like GameVillage Bingo.


Among so many online bingo sites GameVillage Bingo is one of the few sites which would do justice to every bingo lover. Some of the reasons include their uniqueness,well-designed and easily navigable user interface, their amazing collection of games and offers and of course their exclusive promotions.


As a welcome offer, players need to deposit a fiver for which they would get a free bingo bonus worth £20 to play with. Along with this they also get a free spin on the fortune wheel absolutely free where players can lay their hands on cash prizes, bingo tickets and freebets. At GameVillage Bingo, players are offered a 200% and 300% bonus for the 2nd and 3rd deposit.


To make sure that all their players have a wonderful time, GameVillage Bingo has exclusive promotional offers for every month. At GameVillage Bingo players will be given a chance to win a share of £350 in their Rise & Shine promotion. Along with this, there are many opportunities to win bonuses, cash prizes, and also a surprise visit to a players’ home by the chat hosts which is a part of their popular Knock Knock promo.


In terms of games, GameVillage Bingo has always delivered unique games with variety of bingo rooms. Recently they teamed up with Microgaming and are providing their players with a much wider set of of casino games with state-of-the-art graphics and good payouts.


With so much to look out for, we see no reason why you shouldn’t join GameVillage Bingo.

Free No Deposit Bingo

By | Apr 30, 2015

What does “Free No Deposit Bingo” mean?

Free No Deposit Bingo is an ongoing promotion offered at Landmark Bingo out of the UK.  What is means exactly is that you will receive 15 GBP just for signing up at the site.  No deposit is necessary.  All you have to do to claim your bonus is fill out the very typical online registration form.  You’ll be asked for a valid email and credit card information.  The credit card information is just to verify your identity.  No withdrawal will occur unless you specifically request to make a deposit.

Can I cash out the 15GBP without wagering?

For every bonus or promotion or free cash that Bingo sites offer, there is such a thing as wagering requirements.  This keeps the Bingo site from just giving money away to anyone with an email address.  The promotions they offer, including the 15GBP registration bonus, comes with wagering requirements.  It’s intended to provide you a tour of their site and the games they have to offer.  This is not the only bonus you receive however.  If you do decide to deposit real money and start playing Bingo online, you will be rewarded handsomely.  Currently, at Landmark Bingo, you will receive a 500% bonus on your initial deposit.  Even if you only deposit 10 GBP, you’ll be able to start playing with 60 GBP!  Your second deposit will earn 350%, and your third 300%, for a total of 1150% over the course of your first three deposits.

How do I deposit?

So you get 15p free no deposit Bingo bonus at and are hungry for more.  Landmark Bingo offers several different deposit methods from which to choose.  The site lists the different credit cards and e-wallets available for making deposits and explains the deposit times for each (e.g., “instantaneous”).  There are always bonuses available for each deposit, and instead of having to go hunting for what those are, Landmark Bingo has them listed on the checkout screen right where you type in your desired deposit amount.  For example, it will show you that depositing 10-25GBP earns a 25% cash bonus, and a deposit of 25-50GBP earns a 50% cash bonus and so on.  There is also a place to enter additional bonus codes that you have received.  Special wagering requirements will be listed, or it will say “standard wagering requirements apply”.  There is a minimum deposit of 10GBP.

How do I withdrawal my winnings?

Before you withdrawal your winnings, you want to make sure you have met the wagering requirements.  Bingo has a very user-friendly way of checking this out.  If you click on “Request Withdrawal”, the Wagering Requirements Dashboard will pop up.  It is easy to read and understand whether you’ve met them or not.  To make things even easier, if you have met the wagering requirements, the “withdraw” button at the bottom of the page will be lit up.  If you haven’t met the wagering requirements, it will be grayed out.

wagering dashboard Free No Deposit Bingo

So now you know.  “Free no deposit Bingo” at offers you the opportunity to preview their site without spending any of your own money.  Depositing is safe and straight forward with easy access to current deposit bonuses.  The withdrawal process is secure and their user dashboard allows for ease of use and transparency in your online Bingo play.  Come check out this awesome Bingo site!

New Look Bingo the Perfect Bingo Site for Your Bingo Needs

By | Jan 23, 2015

The online bingo world has hundreds on online bingo sites and finding out the one which best suits your needs is really difficult.. But not anymore as Online Bingo Newsvine is here and we have the current news from the bingo world. News that would make you grin and smile. News which would open a whole new world of bingo to you. So here it goes folks, New Look Bingo the well known bingo site has recently been revamped and it looks absolutely superb in its new avatar. With vivid hues of green and brown the site is spectacular. Also they have changed the entire layout along with the logo being given a very linear and sleek look.

At New Look Bingo you can play free bingo to your hearts content. Well that’s because they have two rooms and both are open 24/7. One for the funded players and the other one for the non funded players. The Free Cash Bingo room is for the funded players and the Free Room for the non funded players.

Games are a whole lot in number and there are the slot games, casino, scratch card games and so on. In terms of bingo games you can lay your hands on 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo games. You can also like them on Facebook and get 100 free bingo tickets. Love reading? then subscribe to their blog and stay informed about their cheerful offers. When you subscribe and validate your email you can grab 500 free spins as your gift. Also follow them on twitter and get another 100 bingo cards absolutely free.

In terms of promotions they have a set of regular and monthly promotions. These helps players to be perked up and always be entertained in here. For example, currently they have a very special room ‘Bigwig’ where every weekend their would be jackpot games starting with £50 and it would increase from there. Also every Sunday there would be pattern games every hour in their Buckingham Palace Room. Well folks there are much more to this site and you need to be here to really make the most use of their offers.

Join New Look Bingo today and get £15 no deposit required. Hurry!

Best No Deposit Bingo Site

By | Nov 25, 2014

If you are new to the world of online bingo, you must be caught by surprise as to which bingo site to go for. With hundreds of different sites around, bingo world is being bombarded with several up and coming sites nearly everyday. The fun game can get tad distracting and overwhelmingly stressful. So which site should you play for amidst the clutter?

No matter how much we try and narrow down our search to free bingo sites, no deposit bonuses and so forth, we have to trawl through end number of pages. Which site to settle down for, is the site trustworthy- there are end number of questions like these running in our heads. Playing at an established, reputed site is very important. None of us wants to settle down for sites that are clunky and unappealing.

Certainly there aren’t shortage of bingo sites. One of the best sites in the industry right now is New Look Bingo. This fancy looking bingo site is known for its No Deposit Bonuses. It is designed in a way that players who are new to the world of online bingo, don’t have to rummage around much. The site is great for avid bingo lovers. They also have a wide assortment of instant games for players to indulge in which includes: Slots, Scratch cards, Freebets and Casino games. Players also have the access to free bingo games and not to mention the constant stream of new and existing promotions with good value for your money.

One of the most popular promotions of all for newbies is their stonking 900% Welcome Bonus which attracts a lot of players to the site. On signing up they give all their players £15 free No Deposit Bonus. Hence, players can play with the bonus money in any room they want. If they are lucky enough in a game of bingo, they can further use the bonus money for more games.

The free games you enter pays out pretty decent sums on winning. Also for new comers who are unsure whether or not to make a commitment at the site, they can play free bingo or with the No Deposit Bonus. If they find the site fun and exciting, they can make a deposit in the near future.

logo Best No Deposit Bingo Site

Check this website and give bingo a go if you are yet to experience its delights. Despite being relatively new-fangled in the industry, they are pushing the boundaries to make the site fun and thrilling for their players. The adrenaline pumping site will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats. Try New Look Bingo today!

Online Bingo – The Game to Play!

By | May 29, 2013

So, you love traditional bingo. The excitement of seeing a line on your card, and getting to shout out “BINGO” at the tops of your lungs at the bingo hall, is just one bonus when playing in a hall full of fellow bingo lovers. But, the question I ask you today is …

Are you ready for the new, exhilarating, flashy, rip-roaring fun of online bingo?

No doubt, you started your love for bingo at a traditional bingo hall, but through-out the past few years’ online bingo has grown in a big way! Bingo online brings the intoxicating fun of winning a bingo game right to your home computer.

With online bingo, you can play real games with real people at anytime. Yes, I mean anytime, 24/7 and 365 days a year. You just cannot beat that! Talk about bingo evolution!

Bingo is not the trivial pastime many take it for. Researchers insist that bingo keeps the mind sharp. Isn’t that just one more reason to play?

Yes, you may love going out to the local bingo hall to meet friends and family and have yourself a grand ol’ time, but, there are so many advantages to playing online bingo. What if it is raining cats and dogs outside? Do you really want to go out in that kind of weather?

bigtimebingo Online Bingo   The Game to Play!Maybe you are just having one of those ‘blah’ days and just don’t feel like getting all dolled up to go out. Online bingo will be sure to pick you up, and all with no makeup, hairstyles, or Milan fashion required! And, maybe you have been at the office for 10 hours today and are simply exhausted, but need a fun, stress reliever that takes place in your favorite place in the world – your big comfy chair at home. Just pull up the chair to your computer, turn it on and log onto your favorite bingo site, aka Big Time Bingo and you are there!!

Playing Bingo Online

Playing online bingo is really simple. The online bingo sites have really done a superb job on providing their players a bingo hall atmosphere. The graphics and sound effects are astounding. You still get the fun huge light-up boards that will ultimately determine your fate for the evening when the numbers are called!

Some sites even have a ‘blower’ sound to make you feel at home in the halls. When you sit at the computer with all your concentration on the screen, you will be transported into Bingo Land! Be prepared, after a few minutes, you will be lost in the world of bingo.

There are key points to know about online bingo before you are allowed to play. You must be 18 years of age or older and must also have a means to verify their account and banking information. (For pay-out bingo) Some sites may also require proof of age such as a driver’s license.

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